About Us

Company Inheritance

Ambit Energy Pvt Ltd is an integrated company working in PV solar for feasibility studies, EPC, O&M services and trading. Company’s turnkey solutions are adapted to individual customers’ need. Being a prominent service provider in all types of industrial, commercial and agriculture applications, Ambit has the expertise to know how to undertake photovoltaic challenges. A cooperative can-do attitude with the passion and commitment brands Ambit as leading company working for solar energy services in the state of Gujarat and other states of India. Project handled in neutral and attentive way with extreme confidentiality has built the immense trust amongst the customers. Ambit has escalate its reputation by installing outstanding PV solar projects that renovates solar energy into green assets. Project execution within the legal framework and company policy while implementing feasibility study, government approvals, procurement, installation, performance testing, operation and maintenance is the company’s trade emblem. Specialized personnel working at Ambit make it possible to complete the project within time frame.


Committed to go beyond customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction


To provide cost effective project solutions with greatest R&D activity, customer centric policies, sustainable business leadership and continual growth


Immense corporate integrity
Great respect for human beings
Enormous business transparency
Acceptance to all responsibility

Accomplished Personnel

Each personnel at company is able to deliver results with profound techno-commercial background and eager to win, take ownership and team up to excel.

Monumental Work Ethics

Open exchange of information and moral as prime work objective has built an environment of honest communication and transparent operation.

Bellyful Infrastructure

Extensive range of products, cutting-edge equipments and state-of-the-art infrastructure at company helps to deliver timely and quality services to customer.

Immense Expertise

Qualified professionals, sophisticated design tools, rapid installation techniques, progressive EMS and unceasing O&M impel to optimize energy generation.

Tremendous Client Center Trade

Customer is company’s true north. Irrespective of large or small project, company pay a high attention to deliver smart solution and effective outcome.