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Welcome to Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy is an integrated product firm influencing technology to drive down energy consumption in the key areas of Energy Audit, Power Quality Analysis, Thermography, Electrical Safety Audit, Electrical Design, Earthing Consultancy, Flue Gas Analysis, Energy Management System Implementation, PV Solar Power Plant EPC, Pump Testing and Other Consultancy Services.

Company also provides custom-made design, development and installation of Recuperator and Shell Baking Furnace suitable to process.

Together with this firm commences all types of turnkey projects and maintenance services of LT and HT electrical installations for industries, government organizations, banks, high rises, commercial complexes, shopping malls, schools, colleges, universities, hotels, hospitals and PV solar power plants.


Reuse Repair Reduce Recycle Rethink Recover

We do Awesome Works

PV Solar EPC

Small to large scale PV solar power plant installation for optimized generation

Rooftop PV Solar

Utility interactive PV solar system to harness the energy of sun

Furnace Design

Custom made high temperature heating for industrial process

Heat Recovery Projects

Waste heat energy recovery to pre heat air used in combustion

EMS Implementation

Real-time data management from remote intelligent energy devices

Industrial Wiring Design

Detailed design of industrial electrical wiring for easy installation

Electrical Lighting Design

Architectural lighting design for adequate illumination

Energy Audit

Enhanced analysis for energy conservation and management in industry


Sophisticated infrared imaging to monitor manufacturing and production equipment

Earthing Consultancy

Earthing design and inspection to manage safety hazards in industry

Flow Measurements

Precise and reliable measurement of fluid discharge, velocity, turbulence and depth

Flue Gas Analysis

Measurement and analysis of fuel combustion, emissions, heat losses and recovery potential

The greenest power is the power you don't have to produce......


Authorization to carry out energy related services which identifies the industrial expectation
Empaneled Channel Partner

Empaneled Channel Partner

Government of India

Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractor

Government of Gujarat

System Integrators

System Integrators

Government of India

 Quality Managment System

Quality Managment System

ISO 9001:2008

PV Solar Installed (kWp)
Heat Saved (Joule)
Electricity Saved (kWh)
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