Ground mount solar power plants has its PV panels mounted on the flat land or marine coast or desert land. They are hundreds of kilowatts to megawatt scale power plants designed to meet energy need of industry or to add power generation in grid. Ground mount solar power plants are more productive per area than rooftop solar power plants because they are independent to fixed roof position and installed at perfect ground position that can harvest optimum energy. They are furnished with fixed tilt or single axis tracker or dual axis tracker. DC power generated by PV array is transmitted to large power inverter. AC power output of inverter is made available to grid through transformer. To maximize PV system efficiency, power plants are incorporated with maximum power point trackers (MPPT) either within the inverters or as separate units. This device keeps each solar array string close to its peak power point. The performance of ground mount solar power plants is a function of the climatic conditions, equipment used and the system configuration.